Vending Machines Centralia

Vending Machines and Office Coffee Services Centralia

It's time to make the best decision you have all year - contacting Dynamic Vending. We can help you increase the productivity of your staff at almost no cost to you. How? With full vending and office coffee service from Centralia, your staff will be ready to go, no matter what time of day it is.

Our vending services allow your employees to be refreshed and refocused with the foods and beverages they want right in your Centralia place of business. This eliminates the need for trips off campus and results in more time to actually spend relaxing.  There are so many food and beverage options available to end their hunger or quench their thirst that they won’t even want to leave. This will get them back on task quickly and improve productivity in the process. Vending machines are installed for free, filled for free and serviced for free.

Vending options include:

  • Pepsi Cola products
  • Coca Cola products
  • Candy vending machines
  • Snack and food vending machines
  • Healthy foods and drinks in vending machines
  • Sport and energy drinks
  • Coffee vending machines

We offer vending options that include subsidized or free vending, a valuable employee benefit that really keeps them happy and on the job. We can also install a Micro Market at your Centralia location. This comes with an increased selection and provides even more healthy choices including fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat and low carb selections, and multiple sport and fitness waters.

Dynamic Vending can transform your Centralia break room into a coffee shop everybody will enjoy. All kinds of name brand coffees and teas along with brewing equipment (including single cup brewers), cups, filters, plates, paper towels, napkins, Kleenex, utensils, creamers, sugar, sweeteners and stir sticks fully stocked in your break room for everyone’s immediate use! Whether it’s coffee or an office party, you will be ready.

Contact us by email at or call us at (314) 895-1685. Give us a call and perk up your office today.

Office Coffee Service Centralia