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Vending Machines St. Louis

It was Christmas Eve, and Koritz was stranded. He decided that he needed to change jobs. When he got home, Koritz spotted a soda vending machine with a for-sale sign at a resell shop in Overland. Koritz asked the owner how much she wanted for the machine. Not having the $250 she was asking, Koritz paid $60 down and started to fill the machine, eventually paying off the $250 and thus owning his first vending machine. That was 1986, and Dynamic Vending Co. was born.

It was not smooth sailing at first. Renting a warehouse for $60 a month, he began picking up sodas at grocery stores and filling vending machines. It got to the point, however, where Koritz had to choose between keeping his young business going and keeping his warehouse space, or paying rent on his apartment in Soulard.

He chose the business and was evicted from his apartment. Koritz moved a cot into the warehouse and kept his delivery route going.Although Koritz no longer has to sleep on a cot in the warehouse, he has the philosophy that money made on the company should be put into the business. “l go by the slogan, ‘If you want more heat in the fireplace, throw in more firewood!’”

Over the last several years Dynamic Vending continues to grow. A large part of this growth comes from the Fresh food they supply their customers daily. Dynamic Vending opened its commissary two years ago and have had great success.

Dynamic Vending is now able to offer great service for our customers. We provide as assortment of freshly made sandwiches, salads and deserts such as cheesecake and cookies made daily, in house and placed into a fresh food vending machine. But our main focus is, and always will be vending.

We look forward to a long and healthy partnership with your company. All you have to do is take the first step by contacting us a (314) 895-1685 or info@dynamicvending.com today.